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"This is the most authentic Mexican place in Denver. It is small and in an area visited by local Mexicanos and this makes it feel like you took a drive to Vera Cruz.

The service is outstanding. The food fresh. Home cooked no Sysco crap.

We get the steak nachos and have never been disappointed. Today the salsa is just a perfect piquante! Also served a nice warm soup gratis. It's one of the best kept secret (from us gringos) in Denver."

- Karen S.


"This place is VERY good.  The portions are huge too.  My kids loved the big kids plate size. They both got bean burrito with substitution of rice for the fries. The horchata is pretty good too. They have Mariachi's every Friday and Sunday. There are also healthier options on the menu too. The enchilada sauce I had was VERY good.  I know what canned tastes like and this one was not canned. It was very good and freshly made.  Can't wait to try more."

- Mari C.


"The food here is amazing and it is very fun when the mariachi band is playing. I've had the ceviche, chili rellenos, enchiladas, and flan. All were delicious. Also, last time I was in they brought everyone at my table free little cups of soup that were yummy."

- Stella B.


"Best Mexican restaurant ever, I love their burrito bean and rice, I had a pork burrito it was seriously one of the best burrito I have  had! The flavor is just so so so yummy!"

- Jenny K.


"Hands down my favorite Mexican food spot. The breakfast burrito is cheap, delicious and huge. The tomatillo sauce on anything is instant awesome. The octopus ceviche is surprisingly not tough and yummy. Lots and lots of seafood dishes. The menu will take you forever to try."

- David S.


"Puerto Vallarta is my favorite! They have the best salsa, perfect beans and tons of dishes that are not typical to other Mexican spots.  Lots of seafood.  My bf and I have ordered many different dishes here and they all come out spot on.  It's like there is a super human chef there all the time."

- Chelsea B.

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant

35 Federal Boulevard

Denver, CO 80219

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Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant reviews

Denver's choice for authentic Mexican food